Who is Henry and his friends?

Henry is a littl bald boy and a comics character created in 1932 by Carl Anderson. He was one of comics character from Silent Generation and Beby boomer (1928-1964) like a Popeye, Betty Boop, Olive Oye utc. They were superstars from America comics stripe and cartoons by Paramount Picture. These characters were born parallel to Micky Mouse by Disney Cartoon Studio. The new generation like Z or generation Alpha doesn’t know them, but his history and success story interesting to us. Becouse Henry live from 1932 until 2018 in magazines and books, comics stripe and cartoon, bubble gum wrappers and toys. If you have found this article, it may also be of interest to you.

Who is Henry creator, drawer and copyright?

Carl Anderson (1865 – 1948) was an American cartoonist best remembered for his comic strip Henry. In 1932, he sold his first Henry cartoon to The Saturday Evening Post for $50, and it became a regular weekly feature in that magazine. The daily strip went into reruns in 1995, and the Sunday strip in 2005. After 84 years of syndication, Henry was discontinued on October 28, 2018


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